All You Need To Know About Phil’s Affiliate Club

Hi, Phil Ramage (or just “Phil”) here, from my desk outside my house on the outskirts of Bangkok, the capital of my adopted country, Thailand.

Phil’s Affiliate Club, or PAC for short, is the name of the ‘club’ I have set up to ‘team up’ with other budding entrepreneurs to accompany me along the rocky road to success with Internet Marketing in general, and Affiliate Marketing in particular.

Since birth, I have suffered from a slight physical disability which I was able to mostly overcome. I was able to travel extensively, finally moving from my Scottish homeland to work, from the age of 30, in South East Asia and Australia. Now I am semi-retired, I have settled in Thailand with my Thai wife and adopted daughter.

Several years ago, as my accounting client base reduced, I joined an Affiliate community called Internet Profits Ltd owned and run by an amazing guy called Dean Holland. Before that, I’d had several attempts to follow various mentors, but nobody had met my expectations. Dean, on the other hand, immediately stood out as the most well-prepared and ethical mentor I had found in the Internet Marketing niche. Nothing has happened since I became an Internet Profits Certified Partner to make me think that I should change my view of Dean.

Recently Dean introduced a new, hugely comprehensive platform, which is not yet publicly available. I am using this currently private platform to produce this page and intend to use it to write a series of I don’t know how many blog posts detailing the difficulties I have faced and overcome in my life from the day I was born until The present day. I hope that I can write these posts in a way that will help, encourage, and inspire my followers to become successful Internet Marketers. I will highlight how problems that I have encountered both before and after I involved myself in Internet Marketing and the errors I made after working online helped me to improve my Internet Marketing experience. There’s no way I am even close to being great, and I am hoping that my blogs will not only help and inspire my hopefully growing list of followers but also that their (and that includes your) comments on my blogs will help me get better too. Let’s do this together.

As I have suggested above, please comment if you think that you have something to add to any or all of my blogs after they are published. If you don’t understand anything, don’t hesitate to ask questions. If I have difficulty in answering any of them, I can easily call on my mentor, Dean, and his team for assistance.

I also have a Facebook Fan Page, which can be found HERE.

Please Click on ‘Blogs Menu Page’ in The top menu and follow the links to the next blog post you want to read. These blog posts are not set out in the usual way where the latest blog written is at the top of the list. This enables new readers to start at the beginning of my story and other readers to start from where they had reached in the past.

There Is another link in the top menu labeled “Emergency Blog Posts” which leads to blog posts on current topics that I believe will benefit you, as a budding Affiliate Marketer, and should be brought to your attention.

Happy and successful marketing



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