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From the middle of February 2016 for about 3 months, I emailed my list at he rate of 100 per day, asking everybody individually, if they had any Internet Marketing related problems that I could perhaps help them with. In the near future, I shall start again, so if you have not received an email yet, which is sent from my personal email address, please be patient. However, if you have a question about a blog I write, please post it as a comment to the blog, or if you have a really pressing question please post it on my fan page,


I have set out below a selected list of the questions I have received. Click on the first choice, which will take you to all the questions received, followed by my answers, or click on any particular question which interests you, and you will be taken directly to that question, followed by my answer. If you need any further clarification please post in the Facebook Fan Page, quoting the “Q” number of the question you are interested in.

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