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Hi, Phil Ramage from International Internet Icons here.

After I discovered that what I needed was a mentor. A mentor like no other.
A mentor who was honest, knowledgeable, reliable, and who had my best interests at heart.
I embarked on a “voyage of discovery”, finally settling on Dean Holland, CEO of Internet Profits Ltd, to be my mentor.

One of Dean’s front end “Free plus Shipping” offers is a flash drive containing a main video about what he regards as “The Perfect Offer” plus several other bonus videos, of varying length all of which concern affiliate marketing. After watching them, I learned how Dean went from working 9 hours per day as a construction worker to working only a few hours per day on his computer.

In the Top right corner, you can subscribe to the club, and be able to read a longer introduction to the Perfect Offer, and why I am recommending it to all members of the III Club.

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If you are not yet a member, please enter your email address in the form in the top right corner, and you will join The III Club. Members receive all the news about it, me, and Dean’s company via email. You will also receive the password to the “Freebies” page. It contains many free, useful downloads. The password is also the password for the link above. After you complete the form you automatically will be taken to the page with my longer sumary of “The Perfecct Offer.


All subscribers to this opportunity will immediately receive a welcoming email. Along with many other things, it will contain a unique link. Clicking this link will download an Excel based spreadsheet, created by myself. As it contains several pages it is properly known as an Excel workbook. This workbook will be an invaluable tool for all Internet Marketers, especially Affiliate Marketers, to help them track their progress. As my mentor, Dean Holland repeatedly says, “What we measure we can improve.”

You enter only 4 pieces of information each day. The number of clicks received, the number of leads generated, the total amount of commissions received, and the total amount spent on Advertising. Automatically, the workbook will then calculate the daily cost per click, cost per lead, average lead value and your profit or loss from advertising. There are a few non-adverting related columns as well. The workbook contains full instructions.

The daily figures are accumulated into monthly totals and averages, and the monthly figures are accumulated into annual figures, and then into lifetime results. Trends can easily be seen, and areas needing attention are highlighted. This workbook is a MUST HAVE for all Internet and Affiliate Marketers, and it’s free when you join The III Club.


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