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Hi, Phil Ramage from International Internet Icons here.

After I discovered that what I needed was a mentor. A mentor like no other.
A mentor who was honest, knowledgeable, reliable, and who had my best interests at heart.
I embarked on a “voyage of discovery”, finally settling on Dean Holland, CEO of Internet Profits Ltd, to be my mentor.

One of Dean’s front end “Free plus Shipping” offers is a flash drive, on which the main video is called “The Perfect Offer”. After watching it, I learned the secrets that Dean discovered that allowed him to leave his 9 hours per day construction job to working only a few hours per day on his computer.

Thank you for signing up as a member of the III Club, so now, you too can learn the life changing secret that the main video reveals.

This was me, Phil several years ago with my battered old computer, confused and frustrated, trying to work out how to make a dime from this Internet Marketing caper that I’d heard so much about. Why was it that some people could make bucket loads, yet 97% of Marketers (me included) were left watching their money fly out the door?


Shortly after finally signing Dean Holland to be my mentor, he gave me a flash drive containing, along with other, bonus training videos, a main video called “The Perfect Offer”. It reveals why I was struggling at Affiliate Marketing, and how I could improve things.

By watching it, I learned how I could become one of the small percentage of marketers who use this industry as their primary source of income.

I went all the way with Dean. However, by simply watching this 68 minute long video, you could increase your chances of financial success as an Internet Marketer a hundredfold. Why don’t you give this basically free training a go?

“The Perfect Offer” will be delivered to your door, wherever you live in the world, within days. All that we ask is that you pay $9.96 to cover some, but not all, of the postage and handling cost.

In addition, Dean has included 2 fantastic bonuses and I have included one “special” bonus just for signing up. These bonuses are:

Dean’s bonuses

  • A second video which is 2 to 3 hours long called “The Perfect Offer Masterclass”
  • A third video which is an interview with a Perfect Offer Affiliate who has made $38,873 to date using this method. The interview runs for 30 minutes.

My bonus

  • An Excel based spreadsheet, to help you record and monitor any ad-spend that you may have. If you would like to know more details of this spreadsheet before you download it using the link in the introductory email you will have received…

    Please Click Here For Details Of The Spreadsheet.

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