Administrative Aids

As can be seen, if you read all of the blogs which can be accessed by clicking on the menu tab “Internet Marketing”, my working life embraced both Accounting and Computers. Now I have retired, I hope to be able to combine the skills I have acquired in both of these areas to help me supplement my now meagre income by earning a little from Internet Marketing. The first thing that I learned about Internet Marketing was that it is a business, not a hobby, and it has to be treated as such, the second was that it is essential that one of the first things you must do is to acquire a mentor, and the third thing was, that, as it was a business, all things had to be measured. Not only money coming in and going out, but also the success or otherwise of different advertising campaigns as well as many other variables. The blogs in this section, don’t go into specifics of how any particular problem can be solved, that would be far to large a task, but it covers some of the computerized aids that you have at your fingertips which may help you to run your Internet Marketing business as effectively as possible./span>

The following blogs are concerned mainly with Accounting and bookkeeping:/p>

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