No, 7- The Move To The Countryside

I think that I had just turned 10 when Dad got his first job as a headmaster of a primary school. Okay, it was the smallest primary school in the county, but it was a breakthrough for him. Before he retired, 30 or so years later, he was the headmaster of the largest primary school in the county, but that’s another story.

So, the whole family, Mum, Dad me, and my two sisters, one older and one younger moved to a small village 6 miles from the nearest town of any size. So again I had to get to be accepted by a bunch of new friends. For the first year, the school had two classes but then more people left, and the school was reduced to one class of about 12 pupils aged anywhere from 5 to 12 years old, all taught simultaneously by my father.

I suppose I could have used the fact that my dad was the teacher to my advantage, but I never did. I called him “Sir” during school hours and after we went through the gate to the adjacent school house at the end of the day, he suddenly became “Dad” again.

I quickly became accepted by the other kids, and my disabilities didn’t seem to be an issue. I adapted very well to my new lifestyle as being a bigger cog of a much smaller wheel. In fact, “Longriggend,” as the village was called, was the perfect environment for me at that stage of my life, as I will demonstrate in the next few blogs.

What lessons can we Internet Marketers learn from this change in my lifestyle?

Simply that the environment that we all work in, i.e. Information Technology (or I.T. for short), is constantly evolving, and will continue to evolve for the foreseeable. future. This means that platforms that we all must utilize, must also be constantly evolving. Platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, to name only 3 of the hundreds out there, are frequently changing their algorithms to keep abreast of the latest I.T. developments.

Similarly, we marketers must keep ourselves updated so that we can keep up with the changes, or we will fall behind those of our competitors who are keeping up with the advances in technology. I know that I keep banging on about this, but the ONLY way this can be achieved by the normal person with a day job is to get a mentor. The best ones, including Dean Holland, have a team of experts supporting them as keeping up-to-date with all I.T. advances cannot be done by someone working on their own.

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