The Re-Birth Of The III Club

Please don’t ask, “Where did The III Club disappear to”? It’s too lengthy a story with many twists and turns, some of which are too personal, to be spelled out here. However, I am determined now to regenerate this blog, together with The Facebook Group, The Facebook Page, and the daily emails. However, this time I promise not to bombard you with countless offers of dubious quality like I used to do.

What I have decided to do is to start anew, as if I was a complete “newbie”. Of course, as I am not a complete “newbie” I do have a bit of “a leg up”, compared with actual complete “newbies”, and so, if you are a complete “newbie yourself, or, like me, you feel that you would benefit from “starting anew”, why not follow along with what I hope will be a series of weekly blogs which will, I hope, help to clarify my currently befuddled mind.

The course I have decided to follow to help me to achieve my objective is a short four week course called “THE QUICK START CHALLENGE”. “The Quick Start Challenge” (QSC) is a series of webinars and Q and A sessions written and hosted by the CEO of my main product supplier, “Internet Profits” Ltd, Dean Holland (I really don’t know where he gets the time and energy from) assisted by a fellow guru, Craig Crawford. Their pictures are at the top of this blog. Unfortunately, “The Quick Start Challenge” is not run on a regular basis and, indeed, Dean has suggested that this current version maybe the last, as he wants to concentrate on developing his main project, “Internet Profits”. However, I have heard him suggest that he may include a version, using recorded webinars and Q and A sessions in a future sales funnel to be sold through Internet Profits. If this does take place, then I, as a certified partner of Internet Profits would be able to offer it for sale to all members of The I.I.I. Club. Dean has not given any indication of when, or, even a definite if this will ever happen.

In the meantime, keep following these weekly blogs over the next few weeks, which I shall follow up with a summary of the contents of each of the steps covered by The Quick Start Challenge” and, finally an explanation of he changes I am going to make to this blog, to improve the quality rather than the quantity of the advice I can give you.

Please comment, share, and ask any questions you may have regarding this subject below.

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