Using Search Engines, ChatGPT, And YouTube, To Find Answers To Many Of Your Problems

Remember, any detailed instructions relate to Microsoft computers running on Windows 8, 10, or 11 operating systems.


In each of of my four previous blog posts, The Hard Drive And The Memory – Their Purposes, And How To Keep Them “Tidy”, Mouse Functions And Keyboard Shortcuts, Uploading Files To, And Downloading Files From The Internet, and Taskbar, Start Menu, And Control Panel I have emphasized the fact that everything I have written can not be relied upon to cover all necessary information to ensure that a new computer user will be able to utilize everything to their maximum advantage.

So, what if you want to know more about any of the topics I covered in my last four blog posts? Perhaps I didn’t explain something very well, or said that something you are particularly interested in was “outside the scope of the basic blog post”. Perhaps I didn’t mention something that you’ve heard other people talk about, which you had hoped that I would explain, but I didn’t mention at all. Where will you go now? The answer lies within your computer, as long as it is connected to the internet.

Search Engines

Before we get into this topic, it will be helpful to distinguish what is meant by a “Search Engine” as opposed to an “Internet Browser”.

  • A “Search Engine” is an application that helps users find websites that may be of interest to them based on a keyword or words they have entered, or answer a question they have asked. According to Google, at the time of writing this blog post, there are 24 Search Engines, but the most commonly used ones are Google and Bing.
  • An “Internet Browser” is an application that allows users to access individual websites after they have entered the website’s U.R.L. (Uniform Resource Locator eg According to Google, at the time of writing this blog post, there are 45 Internet Browsers, but the most commonly used ones are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Opera. I use Firefox but, to be honest, they are all very similar.

Usually Internet Browsers have an inbuilt Search Engine, but if they don’t have their own, they usually provide easy access to “Google”. Firefox has an inbuilt connection to the “Google” Search Engine. The main exception to this is Microsoft Edge, which has an inbuilt connection to “Bing”, which is also a “Microsoft” product.

Search Engines, especially Google is an excellent vehicle to ask basic questions whether or not they concern your computer or any other subject under the sun. In general, I find that Search Engines are better for “What is”, “Why is”, or “What is the purpose of” questions rather than “How do I” questions. In many cases, you will have to scroll through a heap of sponsored links before you reach the information you are seeking. I also wouldn’t rely on Search Engines to answer any questions you may have about specific computer applications. ChatGPT, Copilot, and YouTube are much more reliable sources for such answers, if not the applications’ own help desks.

ChatGPT / Copilot

ChatGPT takes getting information, knowledge, and even draft writings to a new level, as it uses Artificial intelligence (AI). The latest free version is 3.5. Version 4 is available, but there is a cost involved. ChatGPT 3.5 can be accessed at Ask ChatGPT anything, even how to perform tasks in third-party applications and it will answer you almost immediately. Its only drawback is that it can only refer to information that was available before January 2022.

If you’ve got Microsoft 365 you can download Copilot for no additional cost. Copilot not only helps you with Microsoft Office applications but with all other questions as well. Anything ChatGPT can do, Copilot can do just as well. In fact, it has better access to information created after January 2022. When downloading Copilot, it gives you the option of attaching an icon to your taskbar, which makes it much more accessible than ChatGPT. You can also ask it questions by voice, and, if you do, it will answer you vocally. Copilot can even produce pictures on demand. ChaGSPT can’t do that. It seems to me that the only thing Copilot can’t do is to give you next week’s winning lottery numbers. LOL.


Everybody knows that YouTube is where you go to watch videos on every subject known to man, and woman. What few people realize, is that it is also the second most used Search Engine, after Google. I didn’t mention it under the Search Engine heading above because under that heading I said that Search headings were, in general, not so good at “How do I” questions. That’s what sets YouTube apart from other Search Engines. YouTube should be your go-to place if you want to do something in particular. Perhaps your mentor skimmed over something and you didn’t immediately grasp all of the details. You can type almost anything into YouTube’s Search bar, from “How do I set up a YouTube channel” to “What is the best way to grow tomatoes”, and you will be offered tens, if not hundreds of videos to watch, and, if you want to keep it for future reference, download.

I have one word of warning, though. If you want to learn from a video about how to do something in a particular application, like “How to set up a Facebook business page”, please check how old the video is. Applications like Facebook frequently change the way the user can achieve an objective. In situations like this, I would be very suspicious of videos that are, say, over one year old. Don’t waste your time learning procedures that may be out of date. This warning may not be relevant if you want to grow tomatoes on your window ledge, but when it comes to the ever-evolving world of computerization, it could be vital.



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12 thoughts on “Using Search Engines, ChatGPT, And YouTube, To Find Answers To Many Of Your Problems”

    1. Cheers Atif,

      I’m pleased that you found my series of blog posts to be useful. If you, an experienced computer user found it useful, surely a beginner would find it more so. I’m now out of ideas for blogs that concentrate on how to drive the car, so I intend to “go back under the bonnet” and return to affiliate marketing matters unless I get a specific request to explain another more general matter.


  1. Phil,
    Sometimes I wish I used MS, especially now that you are talking about all that Copilot can do!

    Thanks for the reminder that YouTube is also a search engine and I do agree, I think I go there even more than Google. Sometimes I am racking my brain to remember something and then someone says, why not check on Google?

    Yes, re: the dated stuff, I have been struggling to find up-to-date videos for WordPress but not much in 2024 and nothing on my theme. So I have to view a lot and try a lot.

    Wouldn’t it be great if AI could automatically update these How to Videos?

    1. Eleanor, I think you can download a Copilot App from the Apple App Store for $20/month after a 1-month free trial. However, although it’s better than ChatGPT 3.5, I wouldn’t spend the $20/month to get Copilot. But I’m just a mean old Scotsman, so you may think it’s worth it.


  2. Hey Phil, this is a fantastic blog post. Thank you for clarifying the difference between a search engine and an internet browser. I honestly did not realize the difference between the two, so that was awesome. I appreciate how you deliver your message. It’s not too techy and, at the same time, not dumbed down either. It is informative and very well said.
    I look forward to reading your next post!!

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      Thank you for your kind words about my writing style.

      You say that you are looking forward to my next post, but I had planned that this would be my last post in a series of posts about the basics of using your computer unless you or somebody else can come up with a suitable subject that I haven’t yet covered. It’s possible that you haven’t read my previous posts on the basics of using your computer. If not, go to and at the bottom of the leftmost column headed “Computer Basics” there are links to 5 blog posts, the last of which is this last post. If you have not read them yet, you may find that they are of interest to you.


  3. Phil,

    Another great post on computer basics. Learning to use the best tools for a particular task. There are lots of good tools that make a user’s life simpler online. One great tool that you might consider doing a post on is keyboard shortcuts. They are very handy to know and a big time saver. Another is proper netiquette. Most beginners have no idea of what is proper and what is not when online.

    I have found your basic computer posts to be refreshing. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Phil,

    Great info.. I think that Microsoft copilot is on my computer now. I wasn’t quite sure what is was. But now that you are talking about. Yup looks like it’s downloaded on my work pc. Going to keep that one for any issues I may have instead of reaching out to google or IT. :)

    And I’m all about YouTube helping me. Although I can’t seem to get my channel up and running. haha.. Just need more time to figure it out I guess.

    Again great post.
    Sandy recently posted…My 11th Post – Are Keywords & Hashtags Important?My Profile

    1. Sandy, have you simply tried typing “How to start a YouTube channel” into your YT search bar?


  5. Thanks Phil,
    good explanation about the difference between internet browsers and search engines.
    When comes to AI I discovered Perplexity and like it because it provides sources of given information. Developers claim that this search engine is providing more reliable and up-to-date information, but is always better to check.
    Additionally, it has a widget that provides links to related images or videos, which is handy as it saves time for browsing youtube.
    All the best.
    Tom Bledzki recently posted…Drive Traffic, Drive Sales: Mastering Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketers.My Profile

    1. Tom,

      After a quick look, I can’t see anything special about Perplexity, but if you like it, go for it. I’m sticking with Copilot with an icon in my taskbar.


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